Oct 2, 2019

Q&A With Barney Adams - Breakthrough Golf Stability Putter Shaft

I always love testing out new golf equipment and new technology and when it comes to golf it’s these tools I believe for me fuels my love for the game.

After contacting both SeeMore Putters and BGT early in the season we put together an amazing putter. With the head from SeeMore(Platinum M5 HT Mallet) and the Breakthrough Technology Shaft from Barney Adams and his company. See the video of the shaft installation here.

I’ve used it exclusively all season and love the feel it gave me both on long and short putts but a full review will come soon. For now I had some questions for the Founder of BGT Barney Adams.

At $199 USD for a shaft how do you justify to a golfer in a short period of time why the Stability shaft would benefit them when they've already paid $200 USD more or less for a new putter?

Golfers spend thousands of dollars on new equipment every year. Since putting is 40% of the game, seems like $200 is a pretty good investment.

Or is the stability shaft geared towards golfers who already have a putter they've been using for a while and BGT just wants to make it better?

Stability fits any skill level golfer and virtually any putter every made. R&D is always working on new product, not only in putters but in other categories. Any new product BGT launches will be developed strictly on a case of advancement in technology.

Steel putter shafts are cheap any thoughts on making a different price point for a BGT shaft?

I’ve been in the golf business for a long time and during my time of 40+ years and one product that stands unchanged and unengineered was the putter shaft. Golfers think nothing of spending $500 for a driver that maybe, maybe picks up 5-7 yds. They hit it 12-14 x a round and putt 30 times! Putting directly influences scores, so Stability is a good investment.

With driver shafts having so many variables (flex, torque, kick point, material) does BGT plan on creating putter shafts with different variables?

We are constantly working on new products and in fact have a new putter shaft coming in late Fall.

Love the look of the BGT shaft any thoughts about customizing colors?

Customization is something we’ve taken a look at and are currently evaluating for 2020.

About Breakthrough Golf Technology

In a suburb of Dallas Texas lies a new golf shaft company with 100 years of experience. The state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest technology to develop and bring to market the finest, most precise shafts available. Founder Barney Adams, who has always had the unique ability to see what is truly missing in Golf equipment, decided to focus on the putter shafts since there had been no significant innovation for decades. A team of award-winning engineers was assembled and no shaft company on the planet delivers innovation in golf shafts like Breakthrough Golf Technology.

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