Dec 19, 2020

Cobra Radspeed Irons - Golf Iron Reviews

 This is the time of the year when your clubs are washed and put away for the season. When you reflect on your season and look forward to the next season. Of course the golf club manufacturers tease us with the latest tools of the trade. Which for me is fun and hopefully will lead to some reviews.

I bought my son some Cobra irons last year and he really enjoyed them. So this season Cobra has me hooked with their unveiling of the Radspeed irons. I'm 52 now and I definitely need some of that game improvement magic. Cobra looks like they have a winner here with many customized options for every type of golfer. Which is what I look for in a manufacturer. See below for some reviews that people have done that have already got their hands on the new Cobra Radspeed irons.

The COBRA RADSPEED irons will also be available in a black PVD finish, albeit with a unique twist: a silver sole.  

“We know PVD finishes tend to wear more than the DBM (Diamond Black Metal) that we use,” says Olsavsky. “But we’ve seen competitors with PVD finishes. Golfers want something different in their bags and people do love the look of these and how they make the irons look a little smaller.” in the UK has a pretty review/insight into the Radspeed irons.


 Golf iron review Cobra RAD SPEED irons

Mark Crossfield Radspeed irons review. He's looking at the newest release from Cobra golf. The review is in both one length and standard length. Not bad pretty extensive.


Cobra Radspeed vs Speedzone vs One Length: Which irons came out on top? Hannah from National Club Golfer does a great review from the UK outside in some nasty UK weather. 

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