May 30, 2005

Metcalfe Golf Course Review

Had the opportunity to play Metcalfe Golf And Country Club this past Friday(27th)for the first time. Overall impression was good with a challenging course even for those who play from the tips. There are quite a few doglegs starting with the first hole and with about 7 other dogleg type holes makes for good shot placement strategy. The greens at Metcalfe were iffy the new holes that were created last year were great for this time of the year, the older greens were not that great and didn't weather the winter that well. In a month or less I'm sure they'll be better.

Starting with the first hole your faced with a dogleg right were if your tee shot is not far enough out it would be hard to hit this uphill smallish type green. Par is a good score here for a first hole.

The second hole is a par 5 not very long at 469 yds from the whites but once your up close make sure you stay clear of the water to the left of the green were be careful of distances as you could land in the water.

The next hole #3 is a pretty much straight away par 4 where if your on the fairway(hit an iron here)you'll be ok for par or better.

#4 is a dogleg left where again if your not out far enough your either punching out or your trying to go over trees(not recommended). The green here slopes back to front and is long and narrow.

Hole #5 is a fairly easy par 3 at 129yds with club selection important depending on wind. Beware of front bunker.

Hole #6 is a straight away par 5 with a slight right dogleg at the end with an elevated green. Be careful of water to the left of the fairway and the odd large boulder on the right.

Holes #7 through #15 are all the new holes with beautiful greens coming together nicely.
#7 is a par 3 157 yds from the whites were you don't want to be long and left. Bunkers were just in the works for this hole as markings were located on the left side of the green, looks like its going to be a big one too.

#8 is a par 4 dogleg left downhill to a smallish green, could be either a birdie or bogey hole depending on your tee ball.

#9 is a dogleg right to a fairly spacious fairway be careful of your second shot as too long of left or right is trouble and extra shots. Bunkers were being built the day we played here also.

#10 is a nice par 5 519 yds from the whites the fairway narrows after your tee shot definitely a possible birdie hole.

#11 is a slight dogleg right par 4 to a small undulating green. Everything depends on your tee shot here. Be warned.

#12 is a short par 4 at 274 yds. Play an iron off the tee and you'll get a birdie, any craziness and your looking at other.

#13 is a 141 yd. Par 3 with the tee box close to some beautiful maples. Bunkers will be added here soon as well to challenge all golfers.

#14 is a 339 yd. Par 4 to a small green.

#15 is the last of the new holes and is beautiful par 5 dogleg right through a nice schute, wicked hole were you have to be accurate. My favorite hole.

#16 is straight away par 4 which plays longer than the stated 365 yds. Par is a good score here.

#17 is a longer par 3 at 182 yds, bunkers back and left call for accuracy with a long iron, a chip and a putt isn't bad here.

#18 is your final hole with water down the left on this par 4 trees on the right make for an interesting second shot.

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