Feb 7, 2006

Who is this J.B. Holmes?

I guess everyone knows after this past weekend as J.B. Holmes won in convincing fashion the FBR Open yesterday. The tours 464th rank player will certainly rise up the ranks as 4 of the top 10 ranked players were in the field. Good for him in only his 6th start on the PGA Tour. Here's just a sampling of some impressive stats of Holmes from the tournament:

Although his driving average was only 13th for the event on the measured driving holes, his average drives on all holes was 320.5 yards and was tops in the event.
Holmes hit 47 of his 56 drives over 300 yards (83.9 percent), the most of any player in the event.
16 of Holmes' drives exceeded 340 yards, including his longest - a 365 yard effort on the 13th hole in the second round.
Holmes average drive on the 13th hole measured 353 yards.

Holmes attempted to reach the green on par 5s and short par 4s 55 percent of the time.

Holmes missed 22 greens for the week, but led the field in scrambling by successfully converting on 18 of his attempts for a scrambling percentage of 81.8 percent.

Averaging 1.660 putts per GIR, Holmes finished the week tied for eighth in putting average

With an average of 3.75 and 4.25, Homes led the field in par 4 scoring and was tied for the lead in par 5 scoring, respectively.

Taken from PGATour.com

It will be interesting to see how J.B. does the remainder of the season. You have to like this guy, and Cobra Golf being his major sponsor is loving it also. Good for him.

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