Nov 13, 2006

Technology only goes so far

Was speaking to my father-in-law over the weekend and he was saying a couple of his buddies that he plays golf regularly with got some new drivers. One a new Ping Rapture and the other an R5 draw bias model. His comments were interesting in that his buddy(a golfer prone to slicing) who got the draw bias driver was still slicing the ball. My comments back were maybe he should of spent the $$$ on lessons. The guy with the new shining "Rapture" maybe out drove my father-in-law a few times by maybe 10 yds. or so. nothing earth shattering, my father-in-law plays a Ping Si3. My thought, do we really need all the new latest and greatest golf equipment or do we all just need to take a step back and give the clubs we have a good wack. Me included.

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