May 8, 2007

Polarized Sunglasses Not Only For PGA Pros

Now that the better weather is upon us and we’re outside doing all those fun things we like to do outside. You really have to think not only of slapping some suntan lotion on your skin but people often forget about protecting your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. That’s where polarized sunglasses from Kaenon comes along. They’ve developed a radically new lens material, purpose-built lens tints, and re-engineered polarizing elements. Their superior polarized optic design is second to none and is now available for the first time in Sport and Street styles. . Kaenon Polarized frames are lightweight, incredibly durable and intuitively integrated with the natural form of your head. A perfect fit for everyone because head shapes are all different in some way or another. I first noticed Kaenon polarized sunglasses while watching some PGA Tour golfers on the t.v. a few weeks back. Robert Allenby form Australia had a beautiful pair of polarized sunglasses on I’m sure they helped him to his tied for third that week in the World Golf Championships.
Consider Kaenon polarized sunglasses if your in the market for a new pair you won’t be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

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lentes de contacto said...

I have worn glasses for years now and contacts only when diving or going to the beach. I finally decided to have LASIK done. While I was at the eye doctor, he told me that I would probably want to invest in a pair of good polarized sunglasses .