May 25, 2007

Sens Rally At City Hall

So I was off yesterday and with Larry O'Brien the Mayor of Ottawa having a big Ottawa Senators rally downtown at City Hall it was a no brainer for my two girls and I to head downtown. We didn't know what to expect but as we got closer to City Hall there were people everywhere and this wasn't the normal downtown craziness. We actually scored a parking spot around noon only about 2 blocks away. The area where they had everything set up was similar to a few concerts I'd seen like Great Big Sea last year and Ben Harper a few years ago also. The vibe was like a concert for sure. There were lots of vendors selling food and some Sens gear that was pretty sweet, especially the Eastern Conference Champ hats. The kids loved the ice cream as it was a little hot out, no complaints though after a long winter. They unveiled a large Sens banner to some fireworks that the kids loved also. The chants of "Alfie Alfie" were cool although no current players were there just past players. They must of been at practice. We left after about an hours after cooling off in a Sens fountain. Can't wait til Monday.


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