Sep 16, 2007

Edgewood Golf Course Becomes Copperdale Golf Course

Edgewood Golf Course in the Dunrobin was finally sold, the new ownership took over on August 2. Paul Ebbs, the new owner told of the following:

Lots of changes are in the works starting with the new name, the “Copperdale Golf Course” and the addition of 15 more golf carts to better service members and green fee players. Another 10 carts are slated to supplement the fleet in the future.

This fall the real transformation work will begin. “Work in the Fall will consist of changing three holes significantly (turning one long par 5 into a par 4 and a par 3 and then consolidating a par 4 and a par 3 into a really interesting par 5 that will be our finishing hole with a great risk/reward aspect to it). We will also change the general order of the holes, which will result in a fairer distribution between the nines. These are the more significant changes but we will also build a number of new tees to lengthen a few short par 4s and create a pond in front of the green of one of the shorter par 4s. The bulk of this work will be done this September and October.”

I guess they're going to make the course a more “links style” course by creating dunes and some pot bunkers. Additional work in planned for the clubhouse, pro shop and patio. Although I have never played this course it sounds like the changes they'll be making may make for a trip out there next year.


Anonymous said...

clagodCopperdale is a cow pasture with flag poles. The fairways are rough and patchy. There's no "first cut" along the fairways. If you miss the fairway you're in DEEP grass that you really can't hit a decent shot from. I think the only maintenance staff is the owner. Even Mickey Mouse would call it a Mickey Mouse course. The lady at the cash was pleasant but I can't say the same for the hot dogs.

Overall I give this course a 3/10rating. Considering I once gave a corn field a 2/10 that isn't saying much.

Anonymous said...

Huge improvements. The course looks great and is the cheapest you'll find in the area. The greens have never been better.