Sep 30, 2007

Ping Eye 2 Plus-No-Plus Irons - Rare And Still Sought After

I'm in the market for some new iron and of course I was looking through eBay yesterday and noticed some Ping Irons 3Balls was selling. These were Ping Eye 2 Plus-No-Plus irons thought.
I knew nothing of these irons, did a bit of research, here's the scoop:
Eye2+ No+ (Plus No Plus). New head design featuring a "scalloped" sole. The scalloped refered to the design process where metal was removed from the center of the sole and redistributed in the inside of the cavity near the toe. Additional design features included a more rediused sole, a modified bounce and grind, a slightly thinner topline, a slight increase in clubhead size, a little higher and more rounded toe, and slightly stronger lofts. The grooves were the same as the "Square Groove" model. Made from the fall of 1989 to the spring of 1990.

These irons are 17 years old in 3Balls good condition and were sold today for $152.87 CDN. Amazing stuff for an old set of irons.
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mrforemark said...

I have a set of Eye 2 Plus no Plus for sale. @-9, pw,sw black dot. The serial number is 750438A. Although these are over 10 years old, they have never been hit, seen a golf ball or a blade of grass. I put them up when I got them and realized that they were going to be so rare. Newest, most improved design of Eye 2, but with the older square grooves. You can own these for $3500.00. Call Mark 614-207-1100.

Grandpa said...

I also have a set of Ping Eye 2 plus no Plus matching serial numbers 642953A refinished by PING factory on 4/01/2011 Blue dot ZZ lite shafts and new tour grips. White score line on bottom groove is brand new and never been hit. The set includes 2 thru W and Lob Wedge +. These + no + irons can be authenticated at PING 800-528-0650. Call 407-405-2421 $600.00

Grandpa said...

Set of blue dot Ping eye 2 + no + irons. Refinished by Ping factory on 4/01/2011. 2 thru w plus a +lob wedge. Matching serial numbers 642953A can be checked at PING for free 800-528-0650. Call Terry at 407-405-2421 $650.00