Oct 25, 2007

Canadian Anne Murray Named Top Female Golfer

Anne Murray has been named the top female golfer in the entertainment industry in an upcoming issue of "Golf For Women" magazine. Way to go Anne I never knew you were such a good golfer. She supposedly plays off a 11 handicap.
Here's a list of the other female golfers:
1. Anne Murray, singer, 11

2. Tea Leoni, actress/producer, 12

3. Celine Dion, singer, 17

4. Jodie Kidd, model/actress, and Cheryl Ladd, actress/author, 18

6. Janet Jones-Gretzky, actress/Wayne Gretzky's wife, Beverly Johnson, former supermodel, and Salli Richardson, actress, 20

10. Amy Grant, singer, 22

11. Belinda Carlisle, singer, and Tanya Roberts, actress, 23

13. Angie Everhart, model/actress, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress, 24

15. Jayne Seymour, dancer, 25

16. Vera Wang, designer, 28

17. Mary Hart, "Entertainment Tonight" host, 32

18. Catherine Bell, actress, 34

19. Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's daughter, 36

20. Jessica Alba, actress, Cameron Diaz, actress, Patricia Heaton, actress, Kathy Ireland, model, Heather Locklear, model/actress, and Sharon Stone, actress, 40

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