Oct 27, 2007

Memories From My Youth

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It's funny the things you remember from your childhood and they're not always good things. This is a good thing thought. Anyways I'm over at my sister's home and we are reminiscing about our childhood and one of the family vacations we went on. It was a little family outing many moons ago that included various stops in New York State. The places my sister and I remember the most were Santa's Workshop and Frontier Town. Santa's Village because of course Santa was there and Frontier Town because where else could I get a coon skin hat and a play gun that fired corks. My sister and I were also trying to remember where the penny press coins we got when we were there have gone. Now this wasn't the automated penny machine that you see now, these were the old hand cranked ones. The designs we chose were a simple Santa with Santa's Workshop on it and my had I believe Davey Crockett. They were great souvenirs commemorating our visits. We're still trying to figure out where they are now probably Mom still has them in one of our childhood treasure containers. Oh! those were great times and boy have we aged.

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