Oct 5, 2007

Skateboard Gear Shopping Made Easy

I’ve just recently found a great website for helping out the local kids with there skateboarding park. They have a few ramps set up from some old plywood and scrap lumber but they had raised some money through a couple of fund raisers including a car wash during the summer and a bottle drive. Both were very successful so they wanted to spend some of their hard earned money.

At Shopping.com we could search for the stuff we needed for our updated skateboard park. We could see which store has the best price on new updated skateboard ramps and platforms. Some of the kids were even going to get new skateboard helmets for those kids who didn’t have them yet or needed some new ones. The kid’s love checking out the new styles of skateboards from Yocaher, Element, and Zero Punk but that will have to wait for another fund raising campaign next year.

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