Nov 20, 2007

Designing Your Room Made Easy

My wife and I are thinking about redecorating our bedroom and possibly our guest room which is going to be turned into our son's room(he'll be born this January). Are experience is a little bit limited but we're eager and not intimidated. We've recently done some flooring downstairs so we're in the groove.
We've recently discovered a great tool at the World Floor Covering Association that helps people with redecorating. There Virtual Room Designer is a great tool to get started on any size project. If you want to see what your bedroom might look like with carpet, hardwood or laminate it's just a click away with there virtual designer. You can customize so many features my wife and i were playing around with multiple combinations that we'd never would of thought of but looked great.
Walls, trims and ceiling options can also be chosen in the virtual designer to give you an idea what your vision might look like. i know my wife and I have enjoyed this virtual designer and have created some combinations that we'll put into place soon.

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