Nov 11, 2007

Mortgages Should Be Worry Free

If your like me your knowledge of mortgages is pretty limited. I knew nothing of them before I became a home owner and tried to learn fast when I had to sign for my first one. What I'd suggest to anyone is to definitely compare mortgages, there are so many types out there and never settle on the first one you look into. When it comes to mortgages you have to look out for yourself first because really no one else will, to me the whole mortgage industry is a cutthroat business. When I refinanced my mortgage a few years ago I had no idea that I would have to start paying my house taxes every month. Initially they were rolled into my mortgage which I knew I just didn't realize this would be taken away from me after refinancing. The huge savings in the long run I thought I'd be getting was not so huge after all. Also never make decisions to hastily with mortgages just look at all the people who have to remortgage with bad credit after making a few bad choices. You'll learn as you go I guess, I know I did.

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