Nov 12, 2007

My Perfect Golf Swing Awaits

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  11/12/2007 07:32:00 PM   No comments

This season my golf game was again hit and miss some days my driver was on, other days the short game was good, and even on occasion my iron play was respectable. There was never a day when everything was on I think it had a large part to do with playing to soft of a shaft in my irons. So that's the main focus this winter to find a stiffer shafted iron. Also my driver had a tendency to hook alot so I'll be focusing on my grip not getting to strong because the grip is an essential part of the golf swing.

Jim Clark, a Physical Therapist has designed a powerful way to teach anyone to play golf effectively - producing the "perfect golf swing", heck I'd settle for the pretty good swing. Jim was a guy who enjoyed playing golf but could never get to the next level so he research the golf swing in relation to what he was educated in and upon observing the patterns and movements of golf and with his knowledge of the brain, joints, and muscles, he developed The Perfect Golf Swing. I'm willing to look into Jim's finding a bit further it can't hurt, right.

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