Nov 14, 2007

Never Count Out Natural Health Supplements

Part of learning is being open to new ideas, if you automatically shut down when people speak of new ideas you close yourself off from the fun of maybe broadening your horizons. My brother-in-law was recently at a Natural Health Conference where he came back with alot of interesting information on natural supplements and foods. I've recently tried to include in my diet more organic cereals and soy products so I was quite interested in what he had to say. He had many samples of products that I've since used including products to strengthen your immune system.

He also mentioned Whole Foods Market which has started to post various podcasts which talk of varying natural health ideas on there website. Right now they are focusing on Cold and Flu Podcasts. It's probably good to give people more info on alternatives to getting your "flu shot". I've always had a flu shot ever since I had kids but it's just good to be inform of other ideas. Natural health supplements tend to be focused on prevention which in theory is great and might be considered when trying to boost your immune system.

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