Nov 27, 2007

Quebec Winter Cottage Rentals

For those of use interested in those great Winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating and cross country skiing now is the time to start thinking of those nice little Winter vacations that can recharge your battery after the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I know living in the Ottawa area there are great places just northeast of here on the Quebec side with some amazing vacation rental cottages. Blueberry Lake resort is one such spot that has some beautiful cottage rentals that can fit any one's budget or family size. Located just north of Mont Tremblant Blueberry lake has 300 acres for winter activities, plus you have Mont Tremblant Ski Resort close by to do all the skiing and snowboarding that you could possible want. Definitely an area of beauty if your looking for that special cottage rental getaway.
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Unknown said...

Quebec looks so nice in the winter, with a gentle layer of snow over everything! and what better then to be in a cosy warm cottage! We stayed at a holiday cottage in Northumberland .

Has a great time, will chase up a winter cottage on my next trip over to Canada

dancilhoney said...

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