Nov 3, 2007

The Slipper Hunt Has Ended

Don't you hate when you pay a few extra bucks for a Christmas gift and it doesn't even last til the next Christmas. Most times when you pay a bit extra for an item it lasts. It's usually better quality and more care is put into the making of the item. Well apparently not the slippers I got my wife last year, now I totally know slippers are worn alot especially in my house but come on there are holes in the tops of the damn things and they weren't cheap, they were some of the most expensive slippers I looked at last year. Well this year I'm searching online and I've already found a replacement they're more clogs then slippers but I think they last better then slippers. At they have Dansko shoes that come in great styles and colors that can be wore all day long just like slippers. I think my wife will like the style of these Dansko clogs. They even have free shipping on orders over $100. I just hope they last more than a year.

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