Nov 16, 2007

UTour Golf Has Added New Features

If your golf season is over or almost over and the only golf your able to do is online, check out UTour Golf. It's a free, full-featured online golfing experience where players can wager real money against other virtual golfers. So maybe you can win back the cash you lost to your buddies during the regular season of match play golf, what a concept. New features are as follows: increased challenge options, player created tournaments, new mini-games.

- New Challenge Option: Handicap Play - Players can utilise the new handicap play feature which allows players to offer or request strokes, in order to make the games fair and challenging for both players regardless of their skill rating.

- New Challenge Modes - The new one-hole option lets players challenge an opponent to a quick, one hole game. Combined with the new entry fee options, it is now possible to put up to $100 on the line for just one hole!

- Player Created Tournaments - Players can now invite up to eight of their friends to play exclusive tournaments with customizable game options; including course played, number of holes and entry fee. This puts a new spin on the classic "office pool".

- Mini-Games - A Score-Based Driving Range game rewards players for their tee shot accuracy. The closer the player comes to the pin, the more points they earn. The player with the highest cumulative points wins the game.

- Stats for Everyone - All players now accumulate free lifetime golf statistics including handicap, holes played, longest successful putt and more.
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