Dec 17, 2007

Dehumidifier Shopping Links

The house I live in is a older house a little over 50 years old and we've always had dehumidifiers in the basement to keep down the moisture levels in our home. We've lived there just over 5 years and one dehumidifier is gone already it broke and couldn't be fixed. The one we have now we paid a little more money for and so far it's reliable. I'm looking at buying another one and wanted to list the websites and links I use to help to make a decision on which dehumidifier to buy. They are as follows:
  • Good info from
  • CMHC Help
  • Wikipedia is always a good source if your clueless
  • always has some good deals
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Top Rated Dehumidifiers said...

So from your experience, can you enumerate what model did you use on your previous house and your current dehumidifier right now? What exact brand and model is that? I'm hoping to try it out myself as well. Thanks!