Dec 19, 2007

Golf's Bible According To Jack

Greta little article on Jack Nicholson that maybe some of us golfers should use more often then not especially when we're having one of those bad days. It's in Golf Digest so check it out supposedly Jack claims that his career-low round was a 64, but admitted "it might've been 65", further investigations revealing it indeed might have been even higher. Take, for instance, his personal rules, among them:

Apparently these are Jack Nicholson rules:
  • "No double bogeys on the first six holes."
  • "Under pressure, I'll cheat ya."
  • "Any green in regulation, the second putt is called goo-oo-ood."
  • Which brings us to his most important rule: "Nobody in my group gets to carry a cell-phone," he said. "The course is no place to do business … we're here to play golf."
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