Dec 3, 2007

Internet Marketing Idea With A Golf Twist

If you were to work for one of those fancy Internet marketing companies like Terralever that creates the kind of viral marketing that sends so much traffic to a website the company has to get a bigger server. What kind of marketing campaign could you come up with? Would it be some sort of online game development that is so different from any other website you get the interest of the hardcore gamers coming to you website in droves or might it be just a simple twist of an original marketing idea incorporated for the web.

Well my idea would revolve around the marketing of new golf ball by any one of the large golf companies. The ball wold be targeted to a broad market of players we'll call the informed golfer who's computer savvy plays between 20+ rounds of golf a year and 50+ a year and likes to get a good deal and win free stuff. The main idea would be as follows, within each dozen of the new balls at least one ball will have a numerical code on the ball that can be entered into the golf companies website specifically setup for this new golf ball. With this code you'll be able to win instant prizes including golf clubs, golf vacations and golf apparel. You'll also be entered each time you enter a code into a grand prize draw. Also with every time you enter a code you'll get points that go can go towards more prizes and draws depending on how many points you accumulate. So basically every time you enter a code you have the possibility of coming away with a prize, which all golfers love.

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I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.