Dec 4, 2007

Joe Beck's Golf Tips

I love it when a fellow golf enthusiast passes along a little online morsel such as this one, especially because it's a golf site I've never seen before and it rocks. A fellow forum member from passed this one on, thanks.
Golf Tips with Joe Beck is a great mix of golf videos that will help you out when you might forget some fundamentals of a chip, bump or run or a tricky putt. They are great quality videos that any golfer with any handicap can enjoy. Joe Beck is PGA Professional Golf Instructor and he delivers drives home tips and advice on the links with humor and a determined eye to make viewers' games better. Joe can help everyone. Love this long chip video. :)
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1 comment:

_nice_ said...

That's great Joe Beck's....This could be a nice tips for those who love to play golf.While watching the video you can also follow the tips that suggested.

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