Dec 31, 2007

Mizuno MP-600 Fast Track 460 Driver

I've never been a fan of the drivers Mizuno Golf puts out but there new driver, the MP-600 Fast Track 460 driver does have a sweet look to it. In the December issue of Golf Magazine there's a great picture of it's adjustable weights that can be moved into an amazing 15 different ball flights. What Taylor Made started Mizuno is carrying onward with this adjustable weighting. Mizuno's 2 sliding weights system is well hidden in the back of the club and from the picture it's disguised quite nicely. Today's Golfer also has some video footage of the club in action, so check it out.

The Mizuno MP-600 Fast Track driver features a 460cc titanium head and the revolutionary Fast Track ball flight tuning technology. The Fast Track, with two adjustable 8-gram weights, allows the player to quickly adjust the ball flight with up to 15 different settings from maximum draw enhancement to maximum fade enhancement. The CNC milled, plasma welded CORTECH face insert delivers USGA maximum ball speed across the entire face for ultimate distance and forgiveness.
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