Dec 12, 2007

New Toys For Dad For Christmas?

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  12/12/2007 07:52:00 PM   No comments

Well I certainly learned alot about setting up a high definition television system the other day as I was helping a friend set up his new system. With the advent of all these LCD and Plasma TVs I still have my regular Panasonic TV although I do have digital service. Anyways we set up his new LCD TV to a wall bracket that can actually move depending on where your sitting in the room. We ended up hooking up his video game console with some new HDMI cable along with a new Dell multimedia PC. I have to say I learned alot and l like the fact all of his units were basically hooked up to each other and not one problem. There also some great ways to hide all the wires too, it's got me thinking that Daddy might need some new toys for Christmas to watch some high definition golf over the winter.
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