Dec 17, 2007

Yes Golf Will Distribute Scratch Wedges In Canada

Scratch Golf announced last week that Yes Golf Canada has been granted the distributorship for Scratch's premium line of wedges and irons. Yes Golf Canada has already secured Scratch Golf in the two top retail chains in Canada.
"We are thrilled that Yes Golf Canada has signed on to be our distributor for the very important Canadian market," Scratch Golf CEO Ari Techner stated. "We have had several meetings with Paul Greenglass and the Yes Golf Canada team and the progress they have achieved in a few short weeks is astounding. Scratch Golf wedges are already available on a limited basis in the top two retailers in Canada. We owe that to Paul and his team. Beyond just the sales side of it, Yes Golf Canada is already helping us in terms of the marketing needs of the Canadian market. Many of their ideas have already translated to marketing efforts we will adopt for the U.S. and other world markets. On behalf of Scratch Golf I can honestly say that we could not be more pleased with our Canadian distribution partner.""Scratch Golf wedges are a truly unique golf equipment offering," Yes Golf Canada Vice-President Paul Greenglass observed. "No other equipment company provides an appropriate sole grind to match a golfer's swing type. Looking at the 'Get Fit' section of the Scratch Golf website, I think everyone can identify the pattern of their divots and match it to one of Scratch's sole grinds to optimize clean contact. The other unique feature of the Scratch wedges is the outstanding 'feel' that the soft 1018 Carbon Steel forging provides. That combination is not only a dream on the golf course but has also proven to be appealing to and clearly understood by the retailers I work with. Yes Golf Canada is excited at the opportunity to bring the Scratch Golf line to Canada.

This is great for Canadians as we'll be able to get Scratch wedges easier plus better customer service. I've never used any wedges by Scratch but have heard great things on various forums and website.
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