Jan 19, 2008

AEDs Can Save Lives On The Golf Course

Most of us know of someone who has died of a heart attack. Alot of people myself included have taken many first aid courses and even defibrillator courses as well, these are the ways we can help those who experience Cardiac Arrhythmia.

Another way is to become and remain educated on those things that can effect sudden cardiac arrest. That is one objective that InsideCardiacArrest.com tries to provide everyone. Being aware of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the causes can help us save lives.

Look at golf courses for instance, it's a place for death by heart failure. Sudden cardiac arrest is the #1 cause of death on the golf course. Because of its size, often remote location and poor accessibility, a golf course can be one of the worst places to be when your heart stops.

That's where automated external defibrillator, or AED come into play. More and more golf courses are using them including The Glen Abby Golf Club in Oakville a course that is used for the Canadian Open.

AEDs are a godsend, not only to golfers, but to everyone. AEDs are now being used by trained people from all walks of life. I know I've taken a course on how to use one because we have one at work. Education you say, I say being smart.

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