Jan 1, 2008

Mercedes-Benz Championship Is For The Winners

It sort of sucks that all 35 winners on the PGA Tour from 07 won't be in Maui this week for the Mercedes-Benz Championship. Tiger and Phil never show and now it looks like Padarig Harrington and Adam Scott won't be there also, too tired already. I know Adam has been playing lots lately and is burnt out and Padraig takes vacation around this time, that's cool. I also realize that the players can choose whatever tournaments they want to but come on it's in Hawaii, bring the family and turn it into a wicked holiday. Plus as fans we get to see the best players in the world. Instead when I tune into the Golf Channel on Thursday or the streaming feed on my laptop not all the winners will be there. I know I would be there alot better than playing Kapalua on my Gamecube.
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