Jan 4, 2008

Presidential Candidates Must Have Sense Of Humor

I guess as a Presidential Candidate you have to have a sense of humor and with various people especially comedians taking shots at your person whether politically correct or not. You definitely have to have some thick skin.

Comedian Freddy Lockhart has a YouTube video out now that portrays him as Barack Obama back in his college days talking about becoming president. Freddy Lockhart's video "OBAMA REVEALED PRESIDENTIAL INTENTIONS IN '74" is a video where Lockhart impersonates Obama as a spaced out college student back in 74 he's intersperses present footage with older 70's footage in a very believable manner. Check it out, I wonder how many people think it might be the real deal because it's done so well. You be the judge with a sense of humor I hope.
Please note ***Viewers of video must be 18+ of age.

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