Jan 15, 2008

Surfs Up For Summer Camps

As my children get older I have started to look at longer overnight camp. There are so many out there involving a vast array of sports and academics that sometimes word of mouth is the best selling point. For starters there a great looking summer camp for teens in North Carolina that involves surfing. Surfing in North Carolina you say, check out the great video on there Surf Camp website, it really does look awesome. It's not Hawaii but when your teen is learning to surf you don't want 40 foot waves crashing down on them. They seem to teach the right way to learn just read a few of there testimonials on there site and you'll know why there learning methods work. Tell me your teen wouldn't love this summer camp, they even have overnight summer camps too if your looking for that. They also offer just surfing lessons as well for kids down to adults of all ages so your never to old to try surfing. Maybe try there surf camp if your looking for something new hip and fun.
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