Jan 17, 2008

Think Vacation Rentals For Golf Vacations

Right now in Canada alot of Canadians are thinking of taking a vacation somewhere hot and away from all the snow that winter brings here in Canada. I know right now my father-in-law is playing golf near St. Augustine Florida for 10 days, also a couple of friends from work are going to Mexico and Florida respectively. I'm planning for next year but I'm going to try to save a bit of money and take advantage of some beautiful vacation rentals in the Orlando area. An Orlando Vacation Home can give you the best of both worlds there owner operated therefor you tend to get better rates, your not just a number it's a more personal option than a generic hotel plus with sites like VacationRentals.com you get so many options to choose from if you want to be in a golf community you can, if you want to be near Disney you can. If your like me you can find a vacation rental that's around the best golf courses. A real bonus that's for sure.

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