Jan 29, 2008

Web Polls For Your Blog

I'm always looking for interesting add-ons to my golf blog and other websites. So when I found the Easy Poll website I was intrigued at creating polls and online surveys for my website for free, because webmasters love stuff that good and if it's free even better. Signing up was easy and took less than a minute after receiving a confirmation email I was up and running. The first thing you'll notice about Easy Poll is they don't clutter the "create a poll or survey" page. They make it easy to understand and simple to input your question and the answers. You can customize the look of your poll or survey to go with your blog or website which is a great feature. I ended up creating a web poll in less than 5 minutes, code was easy to install. If your looking to add this kind of interactive element on your site, try Easy Poll you'll like it.

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