Feb 13, 2008

Elegant Spanish Vacation Rental

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  2/13/2008 08:52:00 PM   No comments

It' very rare you see a vacation rental property and it takes your breathe away. Have a glance at the Palaceté de Cázulas in Spain and you'll be booking a group holiday in Spain in about two minutes. It's situated in the rolling hills of a beautiful valley in Spain and is only a half hour ride to the Mediterranean Coast. But the scenery is only half the draw as the property is made for special group events like weddings and other special occasions. The architecture is amazing and dates back to the 1400's. A private chapel for weddings and various gardens for pictures makes this the ultimate place to get married. Check out there website if your looking for a group vacation rental property with exquisite flare and elegance.

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