Feb 16, 2008

Grey Poupon Mustard Review

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  2/16/2008 12:14:00 PM   1 comment

I finally received some Grey Poupon Mustards in the mail the other day and now here's my honest review of the product. It's been a bit crazy at my house lately but decided to bring out the Grey Poupon Mustards for everyone to try at the family birthday party for my oldest girl. I laid them out for display and people could try them with an array of crackers, cheese, kielbasa and various other things. I really enjoyed the Hearty Spicy Brown as it really brought out the flavor in the variety of meats that I put it onto too, it wasn't too spicy and would consider it only really mild. I plan to use it in a recipe for Caesar Pizza that calls for a mixture of Dijon Mustard, garlic, oil, egg yolk and lemon juice. The Harvest Coarse Ground definitely had more bite to it as people described it as having a bit of a bite more tangy, it went really well with a lighter cheese and cracker. Two very different mustards but both equally tasty.

The next day after my daughter's birthday party we used both mustards on some bacon wrapped pork tenderloin and this really set off the taste of the tenderloin enhancing the flavors that were there. I would definitely try it out again on tenderloin and just about anything.


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Oma said...

Hi Sean,
Just viewed your Ottawa Golf Blog.The mustard sounds really good. I'm in the Virgin Islands and hope to find some down here so I can try it.

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