Feb 20, 2008

Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Dreaming

This is about the time of year that I really wished I still lived in British Columbia where the Winter season was a bit more temperate than here in Eastern Ontario. Where I could golf year round and didn't mind playing in a bit of rain in the winter just because it was great to get out golfing. Not so much luck here as Golf simulators or the odd indoor facilities will be the only place to get your golf fix.

I will one winter take one of those Winter golf vacations probably to a place I can play a variety of courses. The first place on my list has to be Myrtle Beach. Guys that I know that have gone there always tell me "You'd love it there." They know I'm golf obsessed and would love a Myrtle Beach vacation. My Myrtle Beach golf experience would have to involved just a few of the top courses including Barefoot Love, Shaftesbury Glen and Man O' War. I'd also definitely play the International World Tour course just because I might not be able in my lifetime to play all those famous Championship course holes and I can at International. Most of my buddies have booked there tee times and Myrtle Beach golf packages through Ttimes Only and highly recommend it so I'd probably start there with the planning.

I might now only be able to dream of Myrtle Beach golf but it may happen if the Golf Gods align themselves someday. I can only wonder.

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