Feb 11, 2008

TaylorMade Burner Driver Review Part 2

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  2/11/2008 07:26:00 PM   No comments

Well with all this snow falling here in Eastern Ontario it was obviously going to be hard to test the Burner Driver I received from TheWorldOfGolf.com that's were indoor driving ranges and golf simulators come into play for those of us obsessed with the game of golf. Luckily my brother-in-law knows the people down at Golf-O-Max well and fit us in this past Saturday on one of there lovely golf simulators. If we couldn't be outside then Golf-O-Max was the next best thing.

After getting warmed up a bit with my wedges I unleashed the Burner driver. On the first few swings I kept it easy as I though the regular stock shaft might not be the shaft for me because I usually play a stiff shaft in my driver but I was pleasantly surprised. The SuperFast RE*AX 50g shaft by Fujikura really stood up nicely as I played with the height of the tee and let loose on the next few balls. The shaft seems really stable especially on my longest drive of over 300 yards. The shaft is really light which let's you free up your swing. Most of my drives were straight with a few that faded off to the right a little. The few bad drives I had were just bad swings. The feel off the clubface was really good and gave you great feedback as to how you hit the ball. I'm not one for taking a full back swing and most of the time I'm just taking a half, third quarters swing the Burner driver didn't disappoint. I had no hooking problems, which is my main trouble with my driver now so that was nice. It might not be for those looking to work the ball with there driver but if you want a long forgiving straight driver the Taylor Made Burner driver might be for you. I can't wait til the snow melts so I can take the Burner driver out to my local course for a true test.

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