Mar 6, 2008

The Bluebook Can Help With Web Hosting

I always love when I stumble upon a great resource while searching the Internet you know one of those ones that you bookmark and you tell your buddies about. Looking after a few blogs and websites it's always good to stay up to date on things especially related to web hosting, domain names and general maintenance of a website. Clients will constantly have questions for you because they've read such and such, so sites like Web Hosting Bluebook can be a great resource. A client asks you what is a domain name you can use the Bluebook to give them the scoop. It's laid out in a easy manner to search and read plus it's simplified in easy to understand language. I like to use it to see if there a better hosting company I might want to try because the Bluebook breaks all that hosting info down and gives you a list of top hosting companies. Try it it's a great resource.

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