Mar 5, 2008

Paint Fill For Your Golf Clubs

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  3/05/2008 01:56:00 PM   5 comments

Do you ever get bored with your irons and decide to change the paint fill well apparently it's quite a thing to do up here in Canada as our winters are way to long. The guys on some of the forums I frequent have some easy do it yourself tips for paint fills.

  • remove the old paint with laquer thinner or someting like that... (also***use a semi-gel paint remover. Works like a charm)
  • fill in the letters (don't worry about going outside the lines)...when dry, take some of that green pot scubber stuff and (using water), scub away the excess.

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mattmiller said...

What kind of paint should be used when refilling the letters? I have heard several different suggestions but wanted to know what you recommend.

Any acrylic-based paints. You can find it at a hobby store like Testors model paint works well.

Unknown said...

I can do it for you!

Anonymous said...

Tamiya paints are the best. I just did my scotty cameron with their translucents and it looks like it came from the studio. Cheap too...only like 5 bucks for 2 paint colors.

5HandyCap said...

I find that using Nail Polish and Nail polish remover works AMAZING and its quick too. Plus cheap and Lots of colours to choose from.

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