Mar 11, 2008

Your Custom Golf Homepage

With all the gadgets, widgets and add-ons you can get on the Internet there are some that just stand out. You know the ones I'm talking about the ones that make the top 10 lists of the year, the ones you just can't live without, the ones that people say hey what's that or that's pretty cool. Well it looks like like HomePagle has a pretty good one in customizing your homepage on your PC. Who wants that generic and boring Windows XP or Vista wallpaper look when you can customize your homepage with HomePagle. They allow you to upload your own personal photo to your customized homepage or you can choose from one of there available pictures. The pictures for some of the sports like golf and Sports Team logos are pretty cool. There catalogue of customizable home pages is huge and includes female celebrities, movies, holidays, cars and more. With HomePagle options you could conceivable have a new homepage everyday of the week. Check it out and upload your favorite picture today. I know I just did a new picture of my 6 week old son Gus and plan on maintaining a healthy stock of pictures of my kids for weeks to come. Thanks HomePagle for my custom wallpaper.


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