Apr 14, 2008

Easy Tee Times For Your Favorite Golf Courses

I don't know about you but it is starting to look alot more like golf season. It looks like it could be around the corner as the snow is melting and my kids have even pointed out that we have a few daffodils and tulips springing out of the ground. That means the maintenance staff is probably getting out there trying to get everything all green and sparkly on the various golf courses in the area. The excitement is infectious as many of my golf buddies are already pre-booking there tee times online. This is the way to go as far as reserving tee times as most courses have some sort of system set up to make it easy to book on the Internet in advance for a foursome or whatever needs you have. What would we of done before the advent of the Internet booking tee times is so hassle free.

I even have a few friends that are booking there tee times through AmericanGolf.com at a few California golf courses. Those lucky guys look like they'll be getting a few games in on a business trip next week to sunny California. I just hope it's as nice here as it will probably be here, as I don't want to hear the razzing. Who would of thought LA tee times would be so easy to get for an out of State golfer traveling on business but AmericanGolf.com made it easy. They booked with Los Verdes Golf Course and Mountain Meadows Golf Course in a matter of minutes and they’re thinking of doing it again when they do business down in New York State next month. So not only does AmercianGolf.com book courses in California but they do other states like New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Virginia and Hawaii just to name a few. Booking New York tee times is very handy when you golf in a variety of States and you don't want the hassle of having to contact each individual golf course.

So now hopefully my buddies won't get to much golf in before the golf courses around here open because of course they'll have an advantage and I may lose a bit of cash early in the season. But I don't care as least we'll be golfing and I can always go to the range and get a few range sessions in. I hope wherever you are the snow is melting and it's actually starting to look like spring and your booking your first tee times of the season. Happy Golfing!

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