Apr 23, 2008

Free Callaway Tour ix Golf Ball

You have to love it when a big golf company gives away some free balls. Just like Callaway has done on there Canadian website MyCallaway.ca. They arrived a few days ago and there the new Callaway Tour ix Golf Ball. I've played 2 and 3 piece balls but these bad boys are 4 piece.

Here's what Callaway says:
Tungsten-Infused Outer Core
The ball’s high-density outer core moves weight away from the center of the ball for increased moment of inertia (MOI) resulting in reduced driver spin for increased distance and accuracy.

Dual Core Construction
The ball’s dual core construction allows for great distance off the tee while still offering spin around the green. The lower compression inner core provides low spin off the driver for great distance while the higher compression outer core provides high chip-shot spin around the green.

I'll be playing them for my first round of the year tomorrow at the Meadows so I'll get back to you how they perform.


Pete Lange said...

it must be rough up there in canada in the springtime when you have golf on the brain and all there is to do is take pictures of the free golf balls you got in the mail. Hope you get to play soon ...

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Jeremy said...

Hey Sean,

Everyone loves free golfballs. Where can I get me some of those sweet Callaways?


Unknown said...

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