Apr 8, 2008

Golf As A Career

I don't no whether you have but at different times in my life I've questioned the different paths I've taken and taken the positives and negatives from that soul searching to make my life more positive. One aspect of my life I revisit occasionally is my career path and the different places it has taken me. I've always thought it would be great to have something you love to do like a hobby or a sport as your career. Wouldn't that be a concept, a career that is more like a hobby not a job. Of course for me that would be a golf career. One that would of course involve some sort of training at one of the many great golf schools in the U.S. I'm talking one like the San Diego Golf Academy(SDGA). There two year degree program with a Golf Complex Operations and Management component, with two areas of emphasis: Golf Professional and General Golf Management would be the type of course most golf enthusiast would jump at applying to right? Can you imagine having to choose which one of the four campuses to go to. Maybe Orlando or Myrtle Beach or I hear Phoenix or San Diego is pretty nice too. Wouldn't that be a nice choice to make. You can even get a Bachelor's Degree in golf through a partnership SDGA has with Virginia College. Picking a golf college seems pretty easy when it comes to SDGA as they're one of the oldest golf colleges in the U.S. with over 30 years of experience. Hey maybe there's hope for me yet you can always switch careers right regardless of your age. Golf college here I come.

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