Apr 13, 2008

Golf Cart Buying Resource

Electric golf carts are not only popular on the golf course but also popular with people who just want to get around their community or homestead or even people with disabilities trying to get around there University campus. Their applications are really endless. I worked at a golf course for a couple of seasons and alot of maintenance had to go into the fleet of electric golf carts. They generated alot of cash as they were an important part of the golf course as a business and that particular course had alot of riders instead of walkers. These golf carts were pretty expensive new so most owners were always looking for a good reliable cart that didn't put them in the poor house. Not cheap just affordable you might say.

A great resource similar to alot out there relating to automobiles can be found at BuyerZone.com they have it set up so a buyer can make an informed choice when it comes to buying an electric golf cart for a golf course or for personal use. There free price quote will give you a great idea of what you might have to spend because after filling out the questionnaire up to 4 dealers will get back to you concerning your request. This request stems from only answer about 15 questions relating to your specific needs. What a great way to do some serious price shopping.

I've also found with my experiences that alot of golf course owners don't know alot about the type of electric golf carts available and BuyerZone helps you with that also with an extensive buyer's guide full of advice and ideas and education relating to your purchase. How could it hurt to find out about golf cart basics, how to choose the right model, kinds of golf carts, buying tips, and how to choose a dealer. This will only help in your final decision right?

BuyerZone really helps with those hard decisions that relate to purchasing a golf cart like whether to purchase a gas powered cart or electric powered. Sometimes a little info about a certain brand of utility vehicles or golf carts can make the decision process alot easier. If you’re looking at purchasing a golf cart stop by BuyerZone for tons of information relating to carts. BuyerZone’s helpful State by State dealer finder is a no brainer and can really make narrowing down where to look easy.

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