Apr 13, 2008

Golf Books And More For Vacation Time

This is the time of year I put together my list of books that I want to purchase for my upcoming summer holidays. I like to have a wide variety of books and novels. I do of course put together a list of a few golf books that I haven't read yet. I know I'm going to try to borrow John Daly's book from a buddy for sure and maybe one from David Feherty. I also usually get a few mystery type books like the 7th Heaven book from James Patterson or another similar type of novel. Then with a few more magazines I'm pretty much ready for the vacation come July and August.

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Ruth said...

Hi Sean,

If you're up for some good golf suspense, I can recommend Lifetime Loser by James Ross. He does a great job drawing parallels between life and the game of golf, but with a ton of suspense to keep the pages turning.