May 13, 2008

Adidas Tour Traxion Golf Shoe Review

These are an older model but for $78.00 at GolfTown they're a real deal and quite the comfy golf shoe. The sales guy said to wear them around for a bit before my first round but of course I didn't and they performed quite well the first round of the year, although I was a little scared because I got a small blister on the side of my left foot. So now I've played 3 rounds with them and I can't say enough good about these shoes. For a person with a narrower foot like myself these are great. I'm a taller guy at 6'5" 205lbs so I needed the support and the Tour Traxions deliver with their support system. I got the black one and I love to look down and easily see my feet position.

They have a 2-year waterproof warranty and so far all is dry. The clog-resistant cleats and Z-Traxion has so far provided excellent grip and traction.

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