May 31, 2008

Extra Hard Drive For My Golf Videos

I do lots of work on my computer and I've found lately that my Toshiba laptop's 80 gig hard drive is filling up at a fast rate. I have lots of golf videos that I post here that take up alot of space as well as family pictures and golf course related pictures on my laptop's drive. I've always been in the habit of burning any of my important files on CDs but this has can sometimes become a little tedious. I also have a 2 gig flash drive but that is just temporary storage and it's tiny as far as storage goes.

I think I'm going the route that my mother-in-law went awhile back and purchase a larger portable storage device. She went with a Western Digital My Passport portable hard drive because of it's compact size, large storage capacity and easy portability. So now I'm trying to find one on sale.

It looks like's Weekly Deals has come through again as they have a Western Digital 320GB My Passport Essential USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive for sale and it's a steal listed at $129.99. It can transfer files fast as it's USB 2.0 so for someone like me that needs to be able to spend time with my wife and three kids, fast is a good thing. I also like the intense blue colour of the portable hard drive as it matches my Toshiba laptop. Again offers free shipping so that makes my decision pretty easy.

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