May 24, 2008

Note To Golfers Make Sure You Know What's In Your Energy Drink

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  5/24/2008 09:49:00 PM   No comments

It was interesting to here that the British Open will delay testing for performance-enhancing drugs until next year's Open Championship. The reason; to make sure golfers are fully educated about the program. The drug testing education had started in January at the Sony Open on the PGA Tour and has been ongoing all year with the Tour. Alot of players feel it is unnecessary and Frank Lickliter has one of the best comments going when he stated:

"If anyone comes to my house to test me they're going to get a bullet in the (backside) while they're on my property."
The PGA Tour and the European Tour will start testing at the beginning of July, almost three weeks before the Open at Royal Birkdale near Liverpool on July 17-20.

It's definitely going to fall on the shoulders of the players to make sure they know what they're putting in their bodies. If your taking any bodybuilding supplements or any dietary or nutritional supplements, or even energy drinks you have to know what's in them and if they're banned stop using them. immediately. It will be interesting to see if the education works and anyone gets caught.

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