May 30, 2008

Trying To Improve The Short Game

I don't know about you but don't you hate when one aspect of your game is working but the other is not existent. Well case in point I've played about 5 rounds this year and my driver has been really consistent something I struggle with last season. So you'd think hitting more fairways would translate into better scores not so. My scores haven't been terrible it's just I know they could be better and it's my short game that's letting me down. Not my putting as my last round I only had 28 putts. It's my short iron play and my wedge game. I know how to correct it ever year I practice alot in my backyard those little chip and pitch shots that you need to score well. Well this season I've been neglecting this and I think I've only practiced once to far this year. So I'm going to move that teak outdoor furniture, barbecue and kids toys away and start to practice those short game shots. I know I won't get as good as Mickelson but I have to start to improve or I'll pull the remaining hair on my head.

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