Jun 8, 2008

Ideas For Fathers Day

With Father's Day just next weekend I find this time of the year to be quite interesting speaking as a father of three lovely children. You know we really don't need to much and don't expect a whole lot and sometimes just a chance to play a nice Sunday round of golf with your buddies will put a smile on our face. I know I've been quite lucky on a few occasions be given the green light to go play a round and sometimes two on Father's Day weekend.

For those looking for a different kind of fathers day gifts I stumbled upon a great unique idea to really surprise your Dad next weekend. I know most fathers including myself love a cold beer on the odd occasion whether it's after mowing the lawn on a hot day or like I said earlier after a nice round of golf. Well how does a monthly beer club sound. Yes I know I've peeked your interest well how does a 12 pack of 4 different beers from some local microbreweries sound. Now I really have your attention, tell me your Dad wouldn't love to get delivered to his house once a month a 12 pack sampler of beers from small microbreweries from all around the U.S. That's what a Beer of the Month Club member gets. Tell me your Dad wouldn't have a huge smile every time he would crack open a new tasty beer. I'm signing my Dad up this year for the Beer of the month club I figure I own him for those years where I was a rebellious teen.

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