Jul 18, 2008

Pet Lovers Unite

Alot of conversations with my kids lately have been about our pets and including them in our little family unit. So in fact we're not a family of 5 we're a family of 7. Don't get me wrong I think it's great because yes they're right Jack and Allie, our two cats are a part of the family. You sometimes might forget Jack and Allie are around but at numerous times of the day they'll do little things to say "hey what's up". Lately my little son who's 5 and a half has really picked up on the antics of the cats. He smiles at them all the time and really tracks their whereabouts.

Recently my wife found a great social network on the web for pet lovers. Zootoo really helped our family with one of cats who was constantly scratching the screen doors of our house. That's what Zootoo is all about networking with other pet lovers who might have had some similar experiences and then with their help you can resolve it. I know I've used it a few times already with some questions my kids have about the cats it's a great resource. I know everyday I have my golf forums that I frequent, now Zootoo has been added to my bookmarks. Check it out today if you love your pets.

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